I just want to take a few minutes to let you know how pleased we are with the new Listing Board Display. The Listing Board brings today’s technology to the front window 24/7. Since it’s completely automated The Listing Board is truly a money saver. We no longer require my staff to create a feature for the window. One of my favorite features is the banner marquis. What an excellent way to send messages to my agents and clients. The display layout maximizes all the information for easy viewing. We’ve had great feedback from our clients.  Clients expect up to date technology and these boards have kept us up with our client’s expectations.  Your company is professional and got the job done well and on time. With your unlimited support no other company can match this service.

Thank you so much for recommending and installing our new Listing Board Display.  They look great in our window, customers tell us that they like the easy to read display and are able to get a more accurate picture of the house for sale.  Having the banner stream “looking for new agents” and “Happy Birthday” was a great idea to recruit and maintain agents in our office. The boards have definitely increased our potential buyers and sellers!

Just a short note to say thank you for all your great work in helping us get our office moving ahead to the latest technology with the installation of the Listing Board.  We have found them easy to use and have had nothing but positive responses from our customers and agents.  We have seen a great interest in the amount of people who stop to review the Listing Board and have seen a greater exposure to the front windows display. Your company has been great to work with and your ongoing support is greatly appreciated.

“Let me start off in saying” I wish I bought the listing board sooner. We never realized how effect cost and innovative your product truly is. For year now I have been looking for and alternative to those mundane papers listing everyone post on their windows. Your product is exactly what I have been looking for. Thanks for filling the niche.
Always a pleasure working with Jack, Eddie with his staff, because of their consistent professionalism and attention to customer service. They have always proven to be a reliable development partner for any of the projects I have undertaken.
The Listing Board is no exception, it has become an integral part of my business not only does it provide my business with current listings it saves time and money because it’s fully automated. Furthermore it has become the most effective way to communicate with our agents.  Our agents love it, and our clients appreciate the up to date news and weather feature. The Listing Board continues to add tangible value to my business.  
We need a product to set us apart from all other real estate offices in our area. The listing Board is that product, it is innovative, communicative, cost efficient and most importantly effective. The listing board is all I had hoped for and more. Hopefully other real estate office in my area will continue to operate in the 20th century...

The results I have achieved after purchasing the listing board have well excided my expectations. The listing board has helped change the way we display and update our listings. It saves us time and money; our perspective clients actually stop to view the display. I would like to think it’s because of our listings but it could be because of the other streaming features it offers. I highly recommend the listing board to anyone outside my zone.

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